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If in some case the microphone hadn't been invented, it would have been made for me. He was my first love and this relationship started during my childhood, on Hvar. I remember how that love story began. At the age of ten I organized the first Children's Festival in Dol, which was enough for the first impulse that illuminated my particular desire for the microphone. Later on, while studying and working, life brought me back to him. This time, the microphone merged with my love for travel and led me in the direction of a tourist guide.

The next step was to Radio Riva in Split where I spent some wonderful years and improved my voice over skills. How I don't acknowledge anything less than maximum effort and work underlined with existing talent, upon my arrival in Zagreb in 2014, I started looking for a second opinion. Voice over workshops of Project studio 6 and those of Dunja Lakuš definitely helped a lot. I continued to form my vocal skills further with professor Neda Čurčić and I still collaborate with colleagues Marinko Leš and Kruno Belka, top professionals and, above all, wonderful people from Antena Zagreb.


Whether you're doing a new campaign, a glamorous event or rebranding, working with me means that we become associates and as such complement each other while creating something new. For startes, let's meet up!

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What others say about me

"It was our pleasure to collaborate with a highly professional associate such as Katarina Moškatelo. During the recording, Katarina impressed us with her understanding of our requirements and has extremely quickly and accurately introduced a few of our small interventions into the final product. Also, she has proved to be very well read and informed, which makes her the perfect assistant for projects in the field of culture in which we operate."

Nataša Barta Paripović, Head of special projects, V.B.Z., Zagreb

„If you need someone with a beautiful voice suitable for all kinds of commercials, voice directions etc., Katarina is the person for you. Very fast, professional and efficient (and we needed someone at the last minute).“

Joško Cvitanić, CIO, Bank Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Split

"Katarina has shown excellent professional skills, creativity, helpfulness and openness in her approach and carrying out the campaign "Beauty is a universal language." In addition to her business virtues, Katarina has a very pleasant, friendly and attentive character, making her an team excellent member."

Jasminka Herceg, Director, BLISS studio for face and body care, Zagreb

„As a part of my agency's team, working for a very important client, I've had a pleasure of meeting many professionals, but Katarina is definitely the one that stands out. She is very professional, but, at the same time, very warm and pleasant person to work with. She takes her profession very seriously and her wide range of vocal and interpretative capabilities have been many times recognized and approved not only be myself :), but, more importantly, by our clients.“

Aleksandra Pernar, Account manager, Red Point, Styria, Zagreb

"A young woman with a beautiful voice, optimistic, full of energy that has a stimulative effect on everyone around. The person that is always good to have by your side. And on top of it all, professional and dedicated to the maximum."

Đurđica Marković, CEO, Bizolovka, Zagreb

"Katarina is a real professional and a really nice person to work with. Her voice is amazing and it made our commercials more dynamic and engaging. She is fast, accurate and precise and always gives her special touch to everything she does."

Martin Kralj, eCommerce consultant

"Katarina met our expectations and exceeded them. She is very professional and easy to work with, we will be very happy to work with her again."

Stojan Jaklič, Vizenia, Slovenia

„It was a pleasure working with Katarina.
She is fast, precise, efficient and above all extremely professional.
I highly recommend her.“

Marija Gibač, mr. pharm., Project leader

„Katarina is a talent and a professional that always makes collaboration a valuable experience. In the Voice over world, Katarina is like Jordan in the field, like Brown on stage or like Ramsay in the kitchen - different and like all great people, leaving a trail!"

Andro Harašić, Creative director, Prvi korak, Zagreb

"Katarina je zlata vrijedna osoba s kojom je stvarno užitak raditi, kreativno stvarati ... Vokal s kojim će se zaista dobiti traženo, a to je "kvalitetna audio slika". Ono što si zamislimo i želimo uz njezin vokal i dobijemo. Riječima teško pismeno opisat jer se Katarinu treba čuti!“

Ivan Sertić, Audio producent, RC/TVC producent

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