Velvet feminine voice, a pharmaceutical expert, one classy lady, the voice of a supermarket, a cartoon character, your museum guide... yes, I am all of this and I can be more!

  • Fully available

    You can reach me almost at any time, 7 days a week (unless I'm diving or already recording something in the studio).
  • If you also need a male voice

    No problem, I can help you with that also. Thanks to numerous acquaintances and working together with colleagues, we will find the ideal male voice for you.
  • Recording in the studio

    I can record in a studio of your choice or in one of the professional studios that I often work in.
  • During recording session

    I'm always happy to meet clients in person and you can visit me also during the recording. If you can't find the time, do not worry, you're in good hands and I'm always online.
  • Delivery of materials

    The delivery date depends on when you need the recordings, but in case of emergency it can be delivered within 8 hours.
  • Small and startups special

    As I was also a business "starter" myself, I'm always supporting young companies with little experience in the creation of advertising, audio and video materials.

Let your project fly!

Lana, creative director: "They promised me professionalism, they're always crowded and running late, dragging the project, it's all clear..."

Why not try and go for someone fresh and new to you?

We all know how important first impression is and it is equally important to reach your target audience in just a few crucial seconds, which is no easy task. Successful people do not have time to waste. I can guarantee professionalism, a responsible approach and promptness. Your idea of turning into that recognizable, but special sound, so that everyone can recognize the originality of your product, the uniqueness of your campaign and the distinctiveness of your message. My experience and hard work turn your idea into reality!

How log does the recording last?

It depends on the size of the project and the complexity of the performance, but I can say that the average 30-second commercial requires 2 hours of work.

What is the price of voice services?

Each project is unique and has its own requirements, so price varies and also depends on the agreement. Feel free to ask and find out!

What about some subsequent changes?

Changes will not be charged in case they're about my mistakes, but if you subsequently change the text or the idea, it is 50% of the total price.

Emotions that I've awakened so far...

"Katarina is a real professional and a really nice person to work with. Her voice is amazing and it made our commercials more dynamic and engaging. She is fast, accurate and precise and always gives her special touch to everything she does."

Martin Kralj, eCommerce consultant

„As a part of my agency's team, working for a very important client, I've had a pleasure of meeting many professionals, but Katarina is definitely the one that stands out. She is very professional, but - at the same time - very warm and pleasant person to work with. She takes her profession very seriously and her wide range of vocal and interpretative capabilities have been many times recognized and approved not only be myself :), but - more important - by our clients.“

Aleksandra Pernar, Account manager, Red Point, Styria

"Katarina is really a pleasure to work with and get creative with... a vocalist that will really get you what you have asked for and that is a "good quality audio file." What we imagine and want, with her voice we receive. Hard to describe in writing because Katarina needs to be heard!"

Ivan Sertić, Audio producent, RC/TVC producent

„Katarina is a talent and a professional that always makes collaboration a valuable experience. In the Voice over world, Katarina is like Jordan in the field, like Brown on stage or like Ramsay in the kitchen - different and like all great people, leaving a trail!"

Andro Harašić, Creative director, Prvi korak, Zagreb

„It was a pleasure working with Katarina.
She is fast, precise, efficient and above all extremely professional.
I highly recommend her.“

Marija Gibač, mr. pharm, Project leader

"Katarina met our expectations and exceeded them. She is very professional and easy to work with, we will be very happy to work with her again."

Stojan Jaklič, Vizenia, Slovenia

"A young woman with a beautiful voice, optimistic, full of energy that has a stimulative effect on everyone around. The person that is always good to have by your side. And on top of it all, professional and dedicated to the maximum."

Đurđica Marković, CEO, Bizolovka, Zagreb

„If you need someone with a beautiful voice suitable for all kinds of commercials, voice directions etc., Katarina is the person for you. Very fast, professional and efficient (and we needed someone at the last minute!).“

Joško Cvitanić, CIO, Bank Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Split

"Katarina has shown excellent professional skills, creativity, helpfulness and openness in her approach and carrying out the campaign "Beauty is a universal language." In addition to her business virtues, Katarina has a very pleasant, friendly and attentive character, making her an team excellent member."

Jasminka Herceg, Director, BLISS studio for face and body care, Zagreb

"It was our pleasure to collaborate with a highly professional associate such as Katarina Moškatelo. During the recording, Katarina impressed us with her understanding of our requirements and has extremely quickly and accurately introduced a few of our small interventions into the final product. Also, she has proved to be very well read and informed, which makes her the perfect assistant for projects in the field of culture in which we operate."

Nataša Barta Paripović, Head of special projects, V.B.Z., Zagreb

"Croatians are the best football coaches."
"Anyone can be a CEO."
"Darko and I will fix that kitchen for you. That's one afternoon max!"
"My daughter loves the microphone."
... we all have hobbies, but serious business requires professionalism and responsibility.
A professional with a trained voice will spice up your project with the right emotions.

Listen to some of my voiceovers that you've probably already heard, but didn’t know it was me.

listen up!
  • Voice description

    warm, dark, energetic, velvety, compelling ... whichever you may need!
  • Languages

    Croatian, English, and when necessary, German, Spanish and Italian, with the will of talking many others also
  • Dialects

    Chakavian (with island dialects), Shtokavian, Kajkavian and various dialects and jargon

And how does your idea sound like?

Fill out the questionnaire and find the voice that would present your idea best.

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