Ego isn’t always a friend you know…

When I made my first ad in 2009, I didn’t bother with the rules of the voice over world, or to simplify, in the speaker’s world. Actually, I think that now, considering my age, I wasn’t bothered by anything much. At that time I was super proud of my first speaking. I was breathing shallowly, I glanced over text that I got twice, coughed all importantly and gave the audio producer a sign that I’m ready. What exercise, vowel pronouncing, agreeing with your diaphragm, underlining the key words, recording on your mobile phone and listening to see if it works… No need, it’s all good!

That youthful ego is adorable, until it becomes dangerous… and it becomes dangerous when it doesn’t allow you to progress. This can happen if nobody gives you criticism or perhaps you just don’t hear it or a particular criticism really hurts. Ouch! So, what now? The end of the world, you’re not the best? :)

Pain is part of life, it should be accepted and move on, otherwise there can be no progress. If you use your work to “boost” your ego, you’re moving along a very questionable path. You are you, the one and only, all others are already busy, you know this. Better roll up your sleeves and get to work, do the best you can from your talent because time is running out and you’re spending it unproductively.

For years I’ve kept my ego curbed relatively well, which isn’t that easy in the “microphone world.” To be clear, nowdays, “Vanity Fair” is an ubiquitous term, especially in the media and especially when you have the power to get attention. However, in this story, Mr.Ego has to be put down. In the advertising world you as a speaker are not so important, you are not a star. You are a person who has talent and got an opportunity.

When you’re standing before a microphone and the light turns red, the most important thing is the product / service you are endorsing. That’s what’s in the spotlight, it is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. At the time of recording, the product / service is more important than the client, the agent and whom ever is in the room. So, there is no room for ego. Some would say you start to understand that when you start doing lots of recordings, but I think that you truly understand it at the moment when life surrounds you with true professionals. You watch them. Analyze them. At the time of entering the studio, every professional leaves everything behind and completely submits him(her)self to what he/she is selling at the moment. He/she is entering a role.

I am grateful for every opportunity that I was given and sometimes even so happy that I could jump around! Of course, you have bad days and you have good days and, as in any business and life, sometimes you’re just banging your head against the wall wondering if you’re on the right track.

However, you know that every single day of your learning, research and effort finally makes sense when they call you up and choose you in the sea of professionals who have been on this small, but demanding market for years now. Getting hired is not an easy task nowdays. I always loved hearing how it once was from my speaker mentors and “idols”.

I consider the project for the Croatian Post, among others, just one more confirmation that I am on the right track and that every effort, committed approach to work and continuous self improvement is definitely worth it.

When you decide to work on yourself and learn, I strongly recommend opening your eyes, listening to your inner voice and learning only from the best! Don’t forget, there’s a lot of them hiding not only in your workplace or in your family, but all around you. :)

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