So, what about talent?

My family lives on Hvar.
Winters on the island seem endlessly long, you need something to preoccupy yourself with.
A hobby that you have, a talent which you haven’t buried, a few dear people and your family. More or less, that’s what keeps you going. I mean, I was in that sort of “isolation” the first 18 years of my life. Today it’s called a healthy life.

My family doesn’t watch TV that much, it’s tiring for them.
They are not in tourism.
They live in some kind of a “retro zen”.
They sometimes listen to the radio, but they cannot catch Antena Zagreb radio station.
My parents don’t have email, but have a hoe, lots of chickens, land waiting to be processed, old bones, a minimum pension and terribly costly utilities.

In other words, they rarely get to follow how exactly is their child’s talent developing, they rarely hear me on TV commercials and even more rarely in my “Laganini” weekend edition on air. Still, they are up to date and very proud of their fourth child. They ask about who didn’t and who did pay on time, business games and rules of this modern world are hard for them to imagine, but they follow my doings with the watchful parent eye as much they can.

So, my mom called yesterday and said: “Oh, I always fail to recognize you in these commercials, but my sister says it’s you! Dad isn’t so sure that it’s you also… are you kidding us again, huh?”.
That’s good!

One of the goals is that my own mother doesn’t recognize my voice.
It’s not good to sound the same in every commercial. Nobody wants that and a few succeed and it takes a long time, longer than my mom can imagine.

If the stars line up and you get your chance just like I did, then what?

First of all, a professional speaker should have a developed hearing ability because without it it’s hard to properly use and control your voice. Good hearing is equally important when doing instructions. Overall, if I don’t hear what the project requires of me, it is unlikely that the final product will be satisfactory. Don’t forget proper diction also, beacuse without it, you make it difficult for the listener to understand what you’re saying.

Fortunately, my original island accent was never a problem because, thanks to good hearing and constant exercise, I easily manage it so it fades away completely. On the other hand, concentrated and proper breathing was quite a challenge. I think it was the most difficult to master. I still struggle with that sometimes.

It’s nice when people say “you have talent”. Of course, talent is the most important detail in the overall story, but talent without persistence, learning and love for what you do, is a wasted talent.

I hope that there is a long journey ahead of me during which I will nourish this talent, I promise.
And in front of you is a freshly cooked and nicely served project!

Thank you mom and thank you Vizenia

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